Monday, March 12, 2012

And as promised . . .

My recent post about Jordan sinking caused quite an uproar, but at last naysayers may see for themselves. I present to you my photographic evidence of Jordan's slow erosion into the valley. In the photograph to the right you can clearly see where the sidewalk and guard rail begin to sink away.

Yes indeed, ladies and gentleman, Jordan is sinking. Best buy your souvenirs and take your photographs now for in another 2 or 3 or 4 centuries (I'll have to consult a geologist) Jordan will be returned to the valley floor. (Hopefully future inhabitants of this quaint little strip have the good sense to move farther inland before then.)

In the great state of Massachusetts, where I was born in raised, several towns were moved in the 1930s to make way for the development a gigantic reservoir which was to supply the Boston area with fresh drinking water. Entire communities were uprooted, graves dug up, town disincorporated. It's a fascinating history; you can read a little bit about it here. I've always tried to imagine what it would been like to live in one those communities at that time, literally waiting for the flood to come and sweep your whole life away. It's something I must research to a fuller degree in the coming months and years.


  1. Perhaps you could just call it soil recession along the roads... and not sinking.. sinking tends to have the association to being surrounded completely by water - which Jordan isn't completely.

  2. That sidewalk does not look inline skate friendly. Remind me never to go inline skating in Jordan, unless I would like to injure myself to get out of something.

  3. I didn't believe your last post that it is sinking, but with stellar photographic evidence such as this, I guess I am forced to! Kind of.

  4. Ah yes...The sinking of the sidewalk...yes there it is. That town is going to the dogs I tell you, and this is proof. Watch your real estate.