Sunday, February 5, 2012

Top ten perks of living in Jordan, ON

1. A king's ransom of premium yarn is well within walking distance
Again folks, not one but two yarn/knitting stores: Stitch and The Fibre Garden. This may seem excessive to some, but it's honestly a comfort to know that that if (heaven forbid) one yarn shop should catch fire or become infested with termites, there's still a spare to fulfill all of one's knitting needs.

2. Avondale
From motor oil and and movies to light bulbs and mouse traps, if Avondale doesn't have it, you don't need it.

3. Trendy shops
In addition to yarn, it's easy to find all of life's little necessities in Jordan: custom hardwood floors, vintage wines, Parisian soaps, expensive works of native art. However, if you're looking for something really singular—say a brand of cough medicine that Avondale doesn't carry—you're better off trekking it to St. Catharines.

4. The Bruce Trail
Along with my doctor-recommend diet of artisan bread and whiskey, a brisk hike through the Bruce every week or so keeps me in good health, both physically and spiritually.

5. Good salt-of-the Earth folks

Because Ontario's Bible belt passes through these parts, a good Samaritan is never hard to find. This is especially handy if your tires have a difficult time staying physically attached to your vehicle. (With tires as with yarn stores, it's always advised to have a spare in case of emergencies.)

6. Churches abound
I count five within a five-minute walk from my bed. See above.

7. The Jordan House
The food may be mediocre, but the beer is cold and on weekends the J-Ho always hosts the biggest and the best local cover-bands (do covers of Wonderwall ever get old?).

8. Wine festivals
With Grape and Wine, the Niagara Wine Festival, the Niagara Icewine Festival, Wrapped up in the Valley and countless other such festivals and half-baked promotions, nary a week goes by in this region that the nectar of the gods isn't publicly extolled in one way or another (Niagara: where Dionysian mirth meets corporate interest). Jordan in particular is home to the "Not Just Ice Wine Festival," so titled to allow for everything from fried pickles to goat's meat on a stick.

9. Everyone knows where you live
Because Jordan is (or used to be, at least) such a frequented spot, many are familiar with the lay of the land. This makes giving directions much easier.

10. You can sometimes read about your town in the Toronto Star
Came across this
article last summer. Jordanians take this sort of stuff for granted, but being from Mississauga—a city that doesn't often make the Star's Travel section—I still find it's something of a novelty.


  1. Sounds just like the little town my cottage is in! It is a great atmosphere and I love the top 10!

  2. Looks like life in Jordan just keeps getting better!

  3. I spent numerous hours riding my horse (not the chestnut mare of blog fame) through and around Jordan when I boarded her in view of Balls Falls. We even walked across the one-lane bailey bridge that spanned the 20 mile creek in the valley. Is that bridge still there? I loved my rides through the area.

  4. Don't forget the beauty and lushness of the Niagara Escarpment. Everywhere you look you see trees, bushes, flowers, rushing water, etc. It's like living in the wilderness, just tucked behind a big stone wall (the escarpment). Also, Lake Ontario is right around the corner (10 minute drive maybe). You can always enjoy a hot summer's day strolling along one of the park beaches or going fishing, swimming, water skiing. The choices are yours!

  5. Check out Jordan getaways at:

    Did you know that Jordan has its own website created by the Jordan Merchants Association:

    A lot of Merchant type establishments in Jordan. I assume everyone from Jordan is some sort of Merchant.

  6. A couple weekends ago Jordan make the 6pm CTV news. Someone had sent in a picture of the snow covered town - weather report material! - Was that you James?

  7. I like your ninth point about knowing everyone in the town. I have always wanted to live in a smaller town, because even in a town like brantford which is not relatively large people barely know their own neighbours. my girlfriend is from Vineland and she knows everyone in her town, ive always found that interesting and something that attracts me to living in a small town one day.

  8. Three years ago I spent a New's Year Eve at the Jordon House. You're right about the mediocre food James, but they make a great apple martini.